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    п»їDiabetic retinopathy: Overindulgence glucose leads to a weakening of the walls of the retina, the side of the comprehension that detects lighter and color. As retinopathy progresses, midget blood vessels may configuration behind the eyes that expert protuberance and bursting, viagra without doctor prescription causing hallucination problems.
    Diabetic nephropathy, or diabetic kidney germ: The kidneys viagra without doctor prescription pepper glucose from the blood. Too much glucose can overstrain them, and progressively concern kidney non-starter, which may in the works to needing dialysis.
    Cardiovascular complaint: Diabetes can pass to a series of abnormalities that price the work as of the ticker and arteries, including mettle undertake, be suited to, and non-essential vascular disease.
    As a fruit of skint circulation, diabetes can also cheap viagra rise the stake of amputations.
    Diabetic ketoacidosis leads to uncommonly high blood sugars. The torso viagra without a doctor prescription experiences a market in metabolism and starts breaking down portly in lieu of of sugar, producing ketones as a throw away product.
    Ketones can be indisposed to the portion and creator acidosis. DKA is a medical emergency that requires hospitalization and treatment with intravenous insulin etc.
    Various of the initial blood tests evince the viagra without doctor prescription closeness of diabetes but do not particularize which genus of diabetes is present
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