Home Automation Designed for Property Developers

You are designing fantastic spaces, with upscale appliances, premium finishes and the newest materials. Now add automatic blinds and an intelligent lighting system. What you get is a property that outsells the competition.

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By using the newest technologies, Avario provides a solution that does everything the big systems do for a fraction of the cost.

Industry-leading wireless technology reduces installation cost compared with traditional wiring.

Avario is controlled, monitored and managed on both an individual apartment and building wide scale. It retains traditional controls whilst leveraging sophisticated smart systems to automate & enhance spaces providing greater convenience, comfort, security & energy savings.

Smart common areas illuminate before people enter and shut off when they leave. Saving energy and keeping people safe.

Smart controls in high end buildings can quickly become dated or be too complex to operate. Avario’s upgradable software driven interface, coupled with the traditional feel components, ensures the system is current in both style and functionality, while being simple enough for anyone to use

Facilities Management

Avario takes preventative maintenance to the next level and reports issues before they happen, keeping tenants happier and lowering operating costs. It also provides a means of communication directly from the tenant, recording reports and response times for benchmarking and efficiency analysis.

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"A Smart Home provides security, energy savings and convenience, it can also increase the marketability of a listing for sellers." - Coldwell Banker

Download The "Coldwell Banker Real Estate Smart Home Marketplace Survey" Where nearly half of consumers say smart home technology is important for their current home or their next home purchase.
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