Exceeds Your Expectations!

Many new header styles, sliders, portfolio scenarios, demo sites and new layout elements are only a few of what the third version has to offer.


Avario does all the things that you expect from a high end, professional, home automation system then goes one step further. We have worked hard to make Avario fit seamlessly into your busy, connected life.

We designed Avario to be powerful enough to control every aspect of your home, yet smart enough that you forget it is even there.

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Always Be Current

Always Current. Never go out of style, whether by looks or technology. By using components that can be changed, upgraded or re-faced, you can future proof the look of your home.

Save Energy

We all want to conserve energy and use less resources. We designed Avario to not only make your life and home more efficient, but also to tell you how much energy you are saving. Find out how.

Be Seamless

Avario’s simple home automation integrates completely with daily life so well that you forget it is even there. More

Ever-Evolving Template Base

Introducing Artbees Template Base

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The Ken comes with 7 template sites templates. We’re about to release 1 new site template every week via Artbees template base on Artbees.net. You can surf and install those you admire through our dead easy demo importer. There are currently 8 templates to download. You will get notified when new templates are available to download from the template base.

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We Cost Less (Much Less)
Avario is built on the latest and greatest technology, allowing us to give you more of the techy goodness for much less of your hard earned cold cash.
50+ Shortcodes
Everything is there. We deliver new ones in every major updates.
Responsive & Retina
We have tuned the layout, shortcodes, sliders and every element to meet the highest responsive standards.
Ever-evolving Template Base
Artbees.net is host of new templates and various freebies for our users.

Beauty On The Go

The Ken 3.0 is even more beautiful on the go. We have improved responsive state of layout, elements and everything and refurbished the mobile view to meet higher standards and seamless beauty.
  • Homepage - image default on https://avar.io
  • Homepage - image default on https://avar.io
  • Homepage - image default on https://avar.io
New Shortcodes And New Styles

We have added new shortcodes to The Ken 3.0 and new styles to existing shortcodes.

Shortcodes Are

A Breeze

We have added new shortcodes to The Ken 3.0 and new styles to existing shortcodes in previous versions. Thanks to which you can create totally different and brand new designs as if you have used a new theme.

What They Say

I rarely write reviews for products but with the Ken theme, I am more than grateful. The site is fully customizable and you can really feel like playing while designing the site! Thanks again for having made such a convenient, yet fully-functional theme.Hobao2407
Hobao2407The Ken User
I can't believe how easy it is to customise and create anything in this theme! I've had no problems with it so far. IT'S SO AWESOME! I've used different themes for different clients before and nothing has compared to The Ken so far. You can literally do anything with this in no time at all. Well done! DANTaekwondoSchool
DANTaekwondoSchoolTheme Buyer
This is one of the most incredible, flexible and well-documented themes on Theme Forest. Employing advanced coding techniques and keeping forward compatibility in mind, it's clear that the designers have spent serious and significant time working on this project. I love it, it makes my website shine.Namuwilliams
NamuwilliamsTheme User
Amazing Theme and incredible job with your Visual Composer enhancements (and have never seen a theme where you can hide elements from mobile/tablet if you choose, great option so can opt parallax sections that aren't 'mobile friendly')! And incredible Demo content upload, all the pages, menus, and images in seconds BAM!$Sterlingwilliam
SterlingwilliamThe Ken Buyer

The Ken Powers more than 2000 awesome websites from different sectors and businesses.

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